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IziSEO is a web site crawler, so what exactly does it mean?

A crawler goes through the pages of a web site and extracts typical data from each of them. For example, you might want all headers or links from a popular online database or a forum. A crawler allows you to specify what particular page content you are interested in.

Nowadays there are numerous crawlers at hand, but there are few that allow you to perform specific SEO tasks. IziSEO offers a user friendly web interface that even a complete novice can master within minutes. You can define your own specific crawl rules, set the pace at which you want it to go, limit the depth of the crawl and let it do the job while you're having a cup of coffee.

A web crawler will try to read and parse all HTML pages on a web site in order, for instance, to index their content and build a database (such as a search engine database). In case of a SEO crawler, it is after specific HTML tags, or parts of a page. Here is the full list of page fragments that are parsed and analyzed in IziSEO.

Among the benefits of using the IziSEO crawler are:

  • The ability to import multiple URLs to crawl - instead of just one web site.
  • The results of crawling similar pages and resources are cached so there is less load on your computer and less traffic consumed.
  • You can stop a crawl at any time.
  • You can exclude certain URLs based on search patterns (e.g. ignore all pages whose address has "admin" inside).
  • All languages and encodings are detected automatically.
  • It recognizes both HTML pages, images, CSS, JavaScript and form action links.
  • It will work even if page HTML has minor errors.
  • It respects robots.txt if you choose it to.
  • It saves the results of each crawl in a project file. There is no need to re-crawl your web site each time you want to analyse the SEO problems detected in the previous session. Just open the project file and work with it. This is a huge advantage to various online services that won't save your session.
  • You can export the fetched pages into a PDF file for printout or to a CSV file for working with it in Excel or Open Office.

Download IziSEO for free and enjoy optimizing your site at your own pace.

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