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In the course of crawling your web site IziSEO will notice potential and actual SEO issues that need addressing. They will be organized in the To-Do List where you can review them at your own pace.

When it came to choosing which issues to highlight, I spent a while on the web searching for most crucial SEO tasks and common problems. Here is what I thought had to be added to the To-Do List tasks:

Area Priority SEO Issue
URL High Remove encoded characters and spaces
URL Low Cut down parameters (if there are more than 3 of them)
URL Normal Add keywords
Title High Add a Title (if empty)
Title Low Make Title the first tag
Title High Make Title unique
Title Normal Add keywords
Title Low Shorten title (if longer than 70 characters)
META Description High Add META description (if empty)
META Description Normal Remove double quotes
META Description High Make META Description unique
META Description Normal Add keywords
META Description Low Shorten META description (if longer than 160 characters)
Outbound Links High Consider cutting down the number of links to 150
Outbound Links High Consider NOFOLLOW for external links
Inbound Links High Check whether all links to this page should be NOFOLLOW (meaning there is no way to crawl to this page)
Inbound Links High Add keywords to some of inbound links' anchors
Images Normal Add keywords to the ALT or SRC of at least some images
Keyword Density Normal Add keywords to the text of the page


I am open to opinions, so feel free to suggest a new SEO issue to be added to IziSEO.

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