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Now you won't have to look for lots of different and expensive SEO tools - you've got IziSEO. One of its key features is finding broken links and missing pages, as well as pages that generate some sort of server error.

Take a look at an example of a Broken Links report it can generate for your site:

Print out a report on broken links

Broken hyperlinks on websites are not just a nuisance – they may inflict some real losses on your online business as well as damage your reputation! A web-site with missing pages or resources may:

  • Lose some of the existing customer base (customers won't be able to get back to pages they saved as their favorites).
  • Have a hard time getting new customers (because of the broken links, people simply won't be finding the things they are looking for).
  • Have problems with people coming from search engines (broken links are highly frowned upon by Google and the like).
  • Damage your reputation online (online customers think that missing pages are an indication of low respect to them and little effort from the site's owners).
  • Lower your website's ratings with major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

How do invalid links creep into web sites?

Apart from obvious reasons, e.g. a misspelled link's URL or a file deleted from the server, there are other, less obvious and controllable ways to generate broken links. Many modern CMS (content management systems), although powerful enough, may make the relationship between pages quite complicated and difficult to track. Some CMS users complain that they can't predict the result of renaming a page or moving it under a different category. Besides, sometimes changing the configuration of the web site in some way (e.g. modifying the URL rewriting rules or turning off automated page redirection) may disrupt numerous links without you even knowing about it.

How to get rid of them

IziSEO is capable of not only finding links to missing pages, it can also detect broken references to images, CSS files and JavaScript, and also to form action links (a form action link is the page that the form is submitted to).

Just run a check of your web site with IziSEO, with the following optimal configuration for this task:

Settings for finding all broken links and missing pages

Once IziSEO spots any missing URL, it'll let you know by highlighting the corresponding Page Status. Click on this link to see all broken and missing URLs:

Find all broken links on your site

Click on each row to view the full list of all pages that refer to this missing URL:

Getting all references to broken links


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