Five Link Types You Need Right Now

Link types are some of the most important parts of getting higher rankings. Why? Because we’re not dealing with the internet of 2004 or 2005. We need start looking at our link profiles and really take inventory of what we’re putting out there.

Google is getting increasingly lame about what they count as a good link so we have to be extremely careful about what we are using to link back to our websites.

I have been going over the latest news from Search Engine Land and I have come up with a pretty good list of what we at Best Online Marketing Software will be using from now on when backlinking our site.

1. Social Bookmarks

All right, so it’s not that much of a surprise that one of the best link types you can get for your site are social bookmarks. But we have to have the right bookmarks. There aren’t enough sites out there offering dofollow links so you need to monitor what you’re putting out there.

Sites like StumbleUpon and Diigo are great, but some are nofollow. For instance, I read in this article on social media that Pintrest only offers a dofollow link in your profile. But, for now social bookmarking sites are still great for getting the link types you need for a well rounded link profile. The SB Bomber is great for getting social bookmarking links quickly.

2. RSS Links

RSS links are great for getting all of your posts indexed. They don’t really bring in all that much traffic anymore, Google and the other SEs like when you have different link types in your profiles. I recommend not only submitting your RSS feed from your money site, but also all of your tier 1, 2 and 3 sites to get all of their posts indexed and to get all of their links aggregated into the search engines.

The easiest way to submit your RSS feeds is to use the RSS Submitter. This thing is awesome and it works perfectly. If you have SENuke XCR you can also use its RSS submitter. There are a lot more RSS sites on the nuke than on this free tool.

3. Lateral Links

Okay, this is a term that we kind of came up with to describe links that you will only build to your money sites and your tier 1 link list. These link types are basically everything that you can’t use as a tier on your pyramid or link wheel.

These include, but are not limited to social bookmarks, blog comments and guest blogging (yes, I know that guest blogging is “dead” but you can still get some great traffic from it if you get with the right site owner).

Lateral links are the type of links that boost your site’s authority, but not the PR. We like to use Magic Submitter for our lateral link submissions.

4. Directory Links

Directories can offer some really great link types for your website. Some of the best directories are DMOZ, Yahoo Business Directory and Yelp. These aren’t always going to be easy to get into, but you might be able to get in. Just try.

If not, there are still some great directories out there that offer high PR links back to your site. Use the SEOQuake plugin to find the highest PR category that your site will fit in and then submit your link. This will give you the best backlink to your site and boost it’s ranking immensely.

5. Internal Links

It has been said that internal links are almost more important than external links on your sites. Why? Because when the search engines crawl your site you are giving them user experience. They love this and will reward you by not only indexing all of your internal links, but boosting their PR.

Also, Google gives each page on your site a different PR rating. So when one of your pages has a PR of 3 or 4 and it links to page that only has a PR of 2 the PR will go up on that page with the 2. This is a great way to get your own site working for itself while using one of the best link types out there.

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