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The To-Do List is a convenient compilation of all the issues with the site you're crawling. They are presented in the form of tasks that are easy to edit, delete, assign status and priority. 

Control all SEO issues with one list

IziSEO creates the To-Do List each time you crawl a web site. You can look through the SEO issues it presents and decide which ones are urgent, and which ones need editing or deleting altogether. If you'd like to suggest a SEO task that could be included in the list, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

By default the program will add only high priority tasks, for pages with a level of no higher than 3, and it will also limit them to 1000 tasks. This will allow you to focus on urgent matters and move on when they are fixed (don't forget to re-crawl your web site after you've addressed the issues).

If you want to make a report of the To-Do List, simply export it to PDF and print it out. You can also export it to a CSV file and view it in a spreadsheet editor, such as MS Excel.

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