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On-Page SEO

With IziSEO you can quickly get to any area of your web site that may potentially have a SEO problem.

Once your web site is crawled, you can click on any page's property to view its breakdown and tips as to how to optimize it.

The following On-Page areas can be analysed:




Page Title SEO


Page's Status (200 OK, 404 Not Found, 301 Moved etc.)

Meta Description

Page's Meta Description

Meta Keywords

Page's Meta Keywords

Headers (H1, H2, H3 etc.)

Page's headers, h1 to h5

Speed of Loading

Displays the speed of loading a page, in seconds.

Inbound Links (internal)

Page's Inbound Links, internal

Outbound Links (internal and external)

Page's Outbound Links, internal and external

Keyword Density

Page's Keyword Density

Content Type

Displays a page's content type and a corresponding icon.


Page Level in the site's hierarchy

Size in kB

Displays the size of the page's content (including all HTML tags) in kByte.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content on page


Page's Images

CSS Links

Page's CSS Links

JavaScript Links

Page's Javascript Links

Form Action Links

Page's Form Action Links


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