Web Site Crawler

SiteMap Generation

On-Page SEO

Your website

Find all broken links and duplicate page titles. Generate your Site Map.

Your competitor's website

Find who they are linking to and what their keyword density is.

Your client's website

Send them clean and easy-to-understand reports on major SEO problems.

IziSEO crawls your site like a search engine, then analyzes the content and presents it to you in a convenient format.

Unlike search engines though, IziSEO does not crawl outside of your web site, i.e. it will not wander off to other web sites if there are links to them on your site's pages (unless you specifically tell it to).

It is ideal for everyday site checks and keeping a list of SEO tasks to solve. It will work for you even if you haven't heard much of search engine optimization.

All potential issues are saved into the To-Do List where you can address them in your spare time.

You can quickly generate the XML Sitemap after crawling.

The program will record additional information worth your attention in the Log File.

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